Physical damage

This is Physical damage or loss that happens to a vehicle insured against collisions, upsets and/or glass breakage. Deductible applies.

Medical expenses for pets

This forms part of the Medical Expenses coverage and covers our four-legged friends in the event of an automobile accident.

Passenger medical expenses

Expenses payable by passengers in the vehicle insured against accidents up to the limit per person per accident specified in the auto insurance policy for Mexico.


This covers any Civil Liability that the policy holder may be subject to for damages to the property or person of third parties.

Total Theft

The company will pay the commercial value without exceeding the amount specified in the policy in the event that the vehicle is stolen. Deductible applies.

Learn about our coverage options

HDI SEGUROS Mexican Insurance Coverage for Tourist Vehicles:

You can also learn about our various types of assistance:


  • Vehicle Call Center
  • Coordination with Embassies/Consulates
  • Tourist Call Center
  • Access to local shows
  • Document loss
  • Baggage loss
  • Funds transfer
  • Travel agencies
  • Emergency communications services
  • Medical ground transfer
  • National air ambulance
  • International air ambulance to the US and Canada
  • Medical references and coordination
  • Unforeseen convalescence costs
  • Accompaniment by a relative in the event of illness
  • Payment of return or continuation of companion’s trip
  • Medically prescribed stay
  • Medically prescribed return home
  • Death of policy holder
  • Emergency dental care
  • Replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Towing Service up to $1,000 USD
  • Air transportation for:
    Breakdowns, Theft, Collision and Flooding
  • Hotel costs in the event of:
    Theft, Collision, and Flooding (up to 5 days)
  • Auto rental costs in the event of Breakdown, Theft, Flooding and Collision; payment may be made in the US or in Mexico.
  • Driver costs for return of policy holder’s vehicle
  • References to repair shops and parts dealers
  • Parts delivery
  • Roadside assistance


  • Legal defense: Release of driver and insured vehicle
  • Bail or Bond
  • Up to the Maximum Limit of liability of the Civil Liability Coverage “LUC y RC Exceso”
  • Legal assistance after an assault
  • Assistance with cancelling the temporary import permit

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