Don’t leave yourself unprotected during your stay in Mexico.

Before leaving YOUR COUNTRY take out your policy with us, because The Civil Liability coverage on your American, Canadian or Foreign Policy won’t cover you in Mexico. We have options for you.

Important: The Civil Liability coverage on your American, Canadian or Foreign Policy is also not recognized by the Mexican Authorities, even though your policy covers you for Mexico.

How does the Mexican law work?

Policies issued by American, Canadian or Foreign insurance companies are not valid in Mexico; only those from Mexican companies count in the event of an accident. Under Mexican law, traffic accidents are considered a civil and criminal matter. Once you cross the border into Mexico, you will have to produce your pink slip or a letter of authorization from the vehicle’s owner to drive it in Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance is sold in most cities on both sides of the border. Take out your insurance with us, an insurer you can trust.

Are you planning on going to Mexico in your car?

You need to apply for a temporary import permit for your vehicle, so you avoid any problems with the Mexican authorities. Banjercito is the banking institution to do it through. This service is exclusively for Mexican citizens and Tourists wanting to enter the Mexican Republic in a vehicle of foreign origin. At Mexican Consulates in the US, only Mexican citizens can apply for a permit, but non-Mexican nationals and tourists can get theirs at the border posts.

Remember that you have to leave a guarantee deposit that will cover any payments due in the event that the vehicle does not return.

Visit the Banjercito for further information >

We have the perfect solution for you.

Come and visit Mexico.


Mexico has an extensive list of tourist destinations—so many that Tourism has its own government department.

Visit the “Secretaría de Turismo” site, where you’ll find more information on interesting tourist sites in Mexico.

Visit the Secretaria de Turismo site